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I am a Winery Marketing Manager, how do I join WineGuide.nz?

Wineries can sign up to Wine Guide by visiting our 'Join Here' page. Simply fill in the form and you will be invoiced to become an advertising member on Wine Guide. Once your membership fee has been paid, you will then be able to list your Business details including Winery, Wines and Cellar Door / Restaurant in the Wine Guide .

How do I list my Cellar Door on Wine Guide?

You simply sign up online for a renewable 12 month advertising membership for the required fee. You will then be sent an invoice from our accounts team. Once the invoice is paid and cleared you will be able to login and create your Business Profile, Winery, Cellar Door / Restaurant and start listing your Wines via the 'My Tools' menu.

I am a Wine Supplier / Distributor can I join WineGuide.nz?

Yes you can join up the same way as a winery via the 'Join Here Page' found on our website. Membership fee is the same as a winery. Once logged in you simply fill in the business listing and wine forms related to your business.

Can we see who has viewed our Business Listing and Wines?

Yes, every listing you create on Wine Guide has a visitors counter so you can see how many times the page has been viewed. This may also include search engine crawls.

What details do you require us to provide as ongoing updates?

You simply need to add your Business / Restaurant / Winery and list your Wine Products on WineGuide.nz. It is up to you how many wines you wish to list. However we recommend keeping your listings up-to-date so visitors to the site can be informed of your current business information.

What can we expect from being a member of WineGuide.nz?

WineGuide.nz is an innovative way for marketing your Winery, Brands, Wines and Restaurant online. The Wine Guide is coming up well in a number of search engines and provides your business a means to advertise your business, service and brands online. You can also use WineGuide.nz as a tool to present your products to customers in meetings or direct potential customers to our website. WineGuide.nz is about promoting your products and service online to locally and internationally.

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